Wilderness Art & Photography - Atikokan / Quetico Ontario Canada

Over the years we've been fortunate in meeting many people with many different careers, hobbies and interests.

Perhaps the most enjoyable thing is when someone comes to our area and uses their creativity to portray what they experienced.

The Atikokan / Quetico area offers much to anyone wishing to pursue wilderness art or photography.

We've had artists embark on long, remote canoe trips in Quetico. It always amazes me when they come out with these beautiful pictures.

We've been lucky to get some wonderful watercolors of nature scenes the sun setting over a lake, natures' skyline of trees, a beaver house.

Many choose to stay nearer the camp and paint similar scenes.

Sometimes a photograph taken during a trip can act as an excellent model for a painting. This is particularly true when the subject are animals or birds like moose, deer, bald eagles, loons.

Good photos of the shimmering northern lights are always great to see.

We've had portraits done of some of our rustic, older cabins and our old log ice house.

A favorite portrait for artists and photographers alike is the White Otter Castle.

You can embark on a long canoe & tent based wilderness trip to capture some of natures' beauty. We'll try & augment your gear with anything you may need.

Or you can stay near or at our camp and go on day trips to find appropriate scenes.

"The Group of Seven" painters really put a lot of wilderness areas in Canada on the map (Algonquin Park for example) with their beautiful work.

We've got a beautiful and limitless array of inspirations in Quetico Country for artists to portray for the world to see.

We're always happy to welcome photographers and artists that seem to capture that "feel" of our wilderness.

Maybe you'll be Quetico's "Group of Seven".

We hope to see you and your creations.