Quetico Provincial Wilderness Park Camping Trips Information

"Take nothing but memories,

Leave nothing but footprints"

Quetico Park Camping

Stretching 60 miles east to west, and 40 miles north to south, Quetico Provincial Park offers over 2000 campsites on 600+ lakes throughout the Park. Although you are not necessarily restricted to them we ask that you utilize them rather than disrupt an area to create a new site. Campsites (and portages) are not marked.

Quetico Park Permits & Reservations

Each entry station in Quetico Park has a limited number of groups allowed each day, and is a first come / first serve basis. Parks Ontario begins taking permit reservations for Quetico 5 months prior to the trip start date – for example if your planned entry date into Quetico is August 10, Parks Ontario begins accepting reservations for that day on March 10. Prior to the Victoria Day holiday in May and after Labour Day in September, most of the entry stations on the north side of the Park do not require a reservation, but operate on an "honor system" with campers dropping fees into Drop Boxes at Ranger Stations.

To book your permits on line visit https://reservations.ontarioparks.com/Home.aspx . Quetico Park area canoe trip outfitters (including ourselves) will often pick up permits for their guests.

Note: Non-residents can use Canadian quota if they book their trip through a Canadian outfitter. Minimum outfitting services are required.

Minimum Impact Camping

Quetico Park has a "minimum impact camping" policy, ensuring this area continues to be the pristine wilderness environment it is today. A few more minimum impact camping requirements…

  • Latrines – aside from the Dawson Trail Campground on Quetico's north east corner, there are no latrine facilities within the park. Dig a hole about 4' – 6" deep and at least 150+ feet from any trail or water source. Prior to leaving the site, refill the small pit leaving it as it was when you came. Bury any soiled toilet paper with the waste.
  • Cans & Bottles – no cans or glass bottles are allowed within the park. Burn any waste that you can and pack out any other garbage.
  • Party size – in Quetico is restricted to 9 people.
  • Live bait – is not allowed.
  • Firearms – hunting or molesting wildlife and possession of firearms or fireworks is not permitted in Quetico.
  • Campfires – must be built on bare rock or mineral soil and kept at least 5 feet + from any flammable materials. You can not cut live wood for fires, instead collect drift wood or other pieces of dead wood
  • If you are fishing, you are not allowed to use barbed hooks…..barbs must be pinched on any tackle that you are using

    We design canoe trips and outfitting services with park policies and safety in mind.

    Camping and canoeing gear is all top, name brand equipment that has been tried, tested and true over the years. The gear we offer with our outfitting is the same gear we use when we go on trips in Quetico.

    Canoe trip food is designed to be delicious, nourishing and easy to prepare, while still keeping the minimum impact camping policy top of mind.

    Quetico Park offers a unique opportunity to experience some of the best canoeing and camping Canada has to offer, in a setting that has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years.

    Respecting the Quetico environment and park policies will ensure that this pristine wilderness environment is enjoyed for generations to come.