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If you aren't quite up to a remote canoe trip yet, or would like to experience the amazing wilderness around Quetico from a cabin, we also are a full service drive to fishing lodge.

Our cabins are modern - new or newly renovated - with all the amenities of home. All cabins have full kitchens designed for our housekeeping plan guests, or, if you'd rather just focus on the wilderness & fishing, our American Plan packages features breakfast in the morning, dinner in the evening and a hearty box lunch for the woods or water.

Guests staying at our lodge can choose from an amazing home system - the Seine Chain of Lakes - and / or - for the more adventurous - literally dozens of remote lakes with incredible scenery.

We are extremely fortunate to be located on beautiful Banning Lake - the center of the Seine Chain of Lakes and part of the Historic Boundary Waterway. The 5 lakes - Calm, Banning, Chub, Perch and Little McCauley - are drained by the Seine River and offer in excess of 35 miles of water to fish and explore without a portage (see map below).

The 5 lakes combine to provide virtually unlimited fishing opportunities for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Crappie and Perch While many of our guests have been fishing our home system for years and have their own favorite "holes" each time out can bring the gratifying discovery of a new drop off or ridge to test your angling skills.

The seemingly endless shoreline of this system provides dozens of weedy bays with a reputation for harboring excellent Northern Pike while the rocky shores are as popular as the bays for superb Smallmouth Bass fishing. The lakes feature depths in places of over 200 feet.

The narrows between the lakes contribute a section of water with a quicker current and varying depths with rocky bottoms. These are favorite spots to troll or still fish for Walleye and Smallmouth Bass as are the dozens of islands throughout the system.

But for the more adventurous, we're not just in the perfect location on the Seine Chain, but we're central to an almost unparalleled selection of lakes with fantastic fishing for all the species the Seine offers as well as some great lake trout waters!

Our remote lakes have a variety of access options - some are lakes you can drive to and launch a boat or drop a boat or canoe in from the back of a truck, some are drive to a trail and walk down to a boat cache and others would require portaging a canoe.

We can provide directions to access these lakes along with fishing advice. Shuttles are available to / from the lakes as well, but a fee would apply.

Although there is a "core' of about a dozen lakes that are the most regularly fished, the following is a partial list of the lakes that our guests enjoy…..

  • Big McCauley Lake
  • Miranda Lake & Milk Lake
  • Twinling Lake
  • Ear Lake / Eye River
  • Below the Calm Lake Dam
  • Marmion Lake (the Floodwaters)
  • Surprise Lake
  • Pipe Lake
  • Whelan Lake
  • Flora Lake
  • Icy Lake
  • Plateau Lake
  • Niven Lake
  • Lerome Lake
  • Miners Lake
  • Big Bend Lake
  • Abie Lake
  • Steep Rock Lake
  • Marmion Lake
  • Lower Seine
  • Eye Lake
  • Crowrock Lake
  • Dashwa Lake
  • Big Joe Lake
  • Kirk Lake
  • Grey Trout Lake
  • Bold Lake
  • Price Lake
  • Tent Lake
  • Harvey Lake
  • Partridge Crop Lake
  • Below Crilly Dam
  • Bennett Lake
  • Moose Lake
  • Nym Lake
  • Gilbert Lake
  • Jim Lake
  • Right Eye Lake
  • Left Eye Lake
  • Crook Lake
  • Roadside Lake
  • Harnett Lake
  • Mahon lake
  • Nevison Lake
  • Dragon Lake
  • Another Lake
  • Burton Lake
  • Dovetail Lake - another boat cache lake with great fishing - especially for walleye!
  • Our fishing packages include boat and motor with unlimited fuel for the outboard, unlimited live bait & ice, maps, modern cabin, 2-3 hour in boat / on water "system orientation" of the Seine, use of trailers to launch at remote boat launch lakes, use of boat caches on remote lakes with small outboards, use of canoes for remote lakes . Housekeeping (you supply & cook your food) or American Plan (we take care of supplying & preparing / serving your food).

    Our equipment helps ensure that you have a great fishing trip. Our main set up is 16' Lund or Naden boats with swivel seats, 15 hp Honda or Yamaha outboard motors, trolling motors, portable fish finders, anchor, net, bait buckets. Unlimited outboard fuel and live bait is included in our "Fisherman's Package".

    We also offer an "Upgraded Boat" package with a 16' Lund Fury with casting deck, live well, pedestal seats , a bow mounted trolling motor & a 40 HP electric start Honda outboard.

    Boats on remote lakes tend to be smaller - mostly 14' and we provide small outboards to carry in to them. Canoes include Alumacraft tandems, Souris River Kevlar tandems and Alumacraft square sterns.

    Guided trips are available or "one off" days with a guide can be arranged as well.

    If you're wanting to experience Quetico Country outside the park borders, then we have the perfect location, facilities & services for you. Although Quetico Park put Atikokan on the map, it's really just a small part of what the area has to offer for wilderness fishing trips.

    We've been here since 1967 and can offer you the service and advice from a half century fishing these waters. Please contact us at any time to discuss your trip - we'd love to hear from you!

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    The Seine Chain of Lakes