The White Otter Wilderness is an immense wilderness area situated north of our camp. It features many of the same rugged wilderness and abundant fish and wildlife as Quetico and is noted for its beautiful sand beaches and the historical White Otter Castle (a 3 story Scottish style log castle built by hand by one man - Jimmy McQuat - at the turn of the century).

Although this area does not have the same restrictions of motorboats and group size that Quetico does it certainly still is wilderness and the further you travel into the White Otter Wilderness the chances of seeing a motorboat become very unlikely.

The White Otter Lake / Turtle River Waterway Park is becoming an increasingly popular canoe destination for our guests. The park's waterway stretches 160 kilometres (or 100 miles) and features 22 sets of rapids, several lakes, 31 pictograph sites, 39 prehistoric occupation sites (where various artifacts have been found) and about 30 portages. There are also several other excellent canoe routes throughout the area.

Whether you wish to explore a magnificent wilderness area on an excellent canoe route or travel back in time to study ancient pictographs and artifacts, or contemplate the legend of Jimmy McQuat and his White Otter Castle from his doorstep you can do it all in White Otter.