Quetico Park Canoe Trips: Quetico Park is a primitive wilderness area famous worldwide for it's 900 + miles of interconnected waterways through rugged forests of towering pines, birch, aspen and fir trees. Quetico's rugged landscape also features majestic cliffs, thundering waterfalls and a number of centuries old Indian pictographs.

In Quetico the ancient pictographs may well be the only trace of civilization you may encounter. Park regulations forbid roads or development and excepting a few perimeter lakes on the park's west end where certain aboriginal guides are allowed to operate a very limited number of outboard motors the use of motors is otherwise prohibited.

Bottles and cans are not allowed within the park promoting the no impact policy. Group size and daily entry numbers are limited. You often actually feel as though you could very well be the only person on earth and can enjoy the beauty of this wilderness in the same manner that the fur traders of the 17th century did as they made the present park area a customary route.

Fishing in Quetico
Quetico's countless pristine lakes and rivers not only provide adventurers with excellent canoeing but with some of the finest sportfishing in the country. Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Lake Trout are found throughout the park. The superb bass fishing in particular is quickly gaining Quetico a reputation as a hot spot with anglers throughout North America. Whether you want to catch some fish for fun, go after a lunker or land a few eaters for a delicious shore lunch, Quetico is sure to provide you with an unforgettable angling experience.

Please Remember: To keep the fishing spectacular & the park pristine, barbless hooks only allowed and no live bait.

Although the rugged beauty of this unspoiled wilderness is often breathtaking and the fishing experiences enjoyed within the park will echo in fish stories forever for many the most memorable part of their trip to Quetico is sharing the park with the abundant wildlife. The lonely cry of a loon on a still morning or the distant howl of the timber wolf as you drift off to sleep at night are sounds that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Black bears, moose, deer, lynx, the red fox and many other small game and waterfowl are plentiful throughout the park. The sight of a bald eagle soaring across the blue northern sky is but one of many opportunities for the wildlife photographer.

Whatever your reason to explore this extraordinary wilderness call us to begin planning the canoe trip of a lifetime. Remember that entry is limited so we recommend early bookings.